Sell Your Stuff


Do you have a closet full of clothes that you just don’t wear? Have your children out-grown the clothing you bought them a month ago? Do you need some extra cash on the fly? Come to Other Mothers!

Other Mother buys new and gently used clothing and other items based on style, condition, season, and individual store need. We are not a consignment store; but rather, we offer store credit and/or cash same or next day for the items we are able to accept.

Other Mothers does not have a limit as to how much you may bring in to sell or a preference as to how you bring in your items (bins, bags, boxes, baskets, etc.). Our buyers work on a first come, first serve basis and do not schedule appointments. You can expect for smaller drop-offs as well as baby equipment and/or furniture to be done promptly as they take less time for processing. So while you wait, we would love for you to stay and shop!

The store credit and/or cash offer is based on the condition, style, brand, and retail value of each item. For name brand and high end clothing, purses, shoes, etc. as well as items we see less often such as baby equipment and snow gear we offer a higher, premium store credit and/or cash percentage.

Other Mothers gives 24 hours, obligation-free, to either accept or reject the offer for items accepted. We also offer a way to give back to the community by donating the items which were not accepted. Check out our Giving Back tab.

*Credit Room Policy Change*

There is no change to our current trade in policy. Trade in all seasons, all year around.

We are now only offering the cash option for items that we can sell for $9.99 or higher. We will offer cash for higher end clothing, handbags and shoes. We will also offer cash for most baby items, and large or higher end toys.

We appreciate our sellers and we thank you for your understanding.